UNICEF praises NGOs for providing education to stateless Semporna kids.

SEMPORNA: UNICEF Malaysia gives thumbs up to the civil society organisations for their efforts to provide education for the undocumented children in Semporna.

Its representative to Malaysia Dr. Rashed Mustafa Sarwar recently led a team to Omadal and Bum Bum Island off the east coast of Sabah.

According to its Facebook page, the entourage was there to assess the situation on the ground with regards to education and healthcare.

Their visit was facilitated by the Semporna Public Health Office.

“Good work has been done to increase access to education by civil society organisations for undocumented children.

“The government is also working together with local Malaysian and non-Malaysian communities to ensure that every child receives basic healthcare such as immunisation.”

Iskul Sama Dilaut as
Image from Iskul Sama Dilaut Omadal Facebook page

Iskul Sama Dilaut Omadal, school for the stateless kids

According to the school page, Sekolah Bajau Laut Omadal is also known as Iskul Sama DiLaut Omadal (in the Bajau language).

It is a community based children led school for the undocumented Bajau Laut (Sama DiLaut) children in Pulau Omadal who have lived at the Coral Triangle for generations but never get recognitions from any countries.

Being stateless, the community has no freedom to go anywhere and they settle as fishermen.

“Hence, this school hopes to provide the children with basic language skill in BM, simple arithmetic and art classes.

“The classes will be conducted by the Bajau children who are living in the same island.”

If you would like to donate, please go here: https://goo.gl/CLhLYE

Sekolah Alternatif, another option for Semporna kids to study

Sekolah Alternatif is set up with a collaboration with Teach For The Needs (TFTN) Malaysia in 2017.

In the mid of 2018, the school is housed at Kolektif Borneo Komrad Semporna House which operates from Monday to Friday.

“The objective of this school is to reduce number of illiterate people at Kampung Bangau-bangau Semporna.

“Apart from teaching about academic, sekolah alternatif is also organising Arts and Skills projects.”


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