Siti Khalizah ventures into urban farming business

Kota Kinabalu  :  Siti Khalizah Abd. Khaliq, 47,  grew lettuce farm from a 1,000 square feet concrete office lot in the middle of the city.

The hydrophonic farm which she calls it as ‘Kebun Mama’ as it is inspired by her late mother-in- law who was an avid gardener.

“My husband, Mohd. Sofian Laisara, 44, wanted to honour his late mother who loved gardening, so he gave our hydroponic farm the moniker Kebun Mama”, she said when met at a recent Riuh Bah! Programme at the Sabah International Convention Centre.

The idea mooted during the movement control order two years ago, where self employed Sofian and Siti Khalizah who works with a private firm, decided to make Kebun Mama  Urban Farm a serious venture.

Fast forward to present day, Kebun Mama Urban Farm is doing considerably well with their steady supplies of coral lettuce to Shell stations around Kota Kinabalu.

“At the moment, we focus on planting coral lettuce due to it being a premium vegetable, and we have a steady supply of the vegetables to Shell stations in Sempelang and Manggatal area”, said Siti Khalizah, who is also the co-owner of the Kebun Mama farm.

“We will soon be supplying to Shell stations at the Sulaman area as well and we plan to expand the range of vegetables in the future”, she added.

Kebun Mama Urban Farm will be showcasing their produce at the Jesselton Artisan Market at The Walk, Riverson on 11th  till 12th  June 2022, from 12.00 noon to 6.00 in the evening. 

Statement and photo by Jabatan Penerangan Sabah


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