IDS to set up North Borneo History Research Centre.

KOTA KINABALU (MON): The Institute for Development Studies Sabah (IDS) will be setting up a platform for the development of North Borneo History Research Centre.

IDS will do for collaboration with the state Library which it will become a dedicated
repository to compile, collect, source, secure, keep and maintain all documents and books of
antiquity with regards to North Borneo.

The institute chairperson Datuk Adeline Leong said:“The process of digitising all
documentation related to the history of North Borneo has to be done meticulously, to
preserve and narrate Sabah’s history.

“Hence ,the support and cooperation by the State Library to materialise this vision is very much valued by the Institute and the community,” she said in a statement.

Leong and IDS chief executive officer Dr Ramzah Dambul had recently paid a courtesy visit to Sabah Library Director, Hajah Fatimah Abdillah.

Recalling her experience as the first Sabah State Library Director, Leong said the process of finding books, documents and referencing has become much easier through
digitalisation and technological advancements adopted by the library in the past decade.

“The library is more than just a place to store books. The world is in the digital era now and it
is our duty to also upgrade ourselves and our amenities to remain relevant and move forward.”


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