Don’t ban concerts, as music unites people, says Armada leader

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah welcomes concerts including those that feature international artistes, said Sabah Chief Minister’s political aide Ceasar Mandela Malakun.

He said it goes against the norms and values of Muslim life in Malaysia when PAS Youth called on having nationwide protests in case those scheduled events are still allowed.

Ceaser Mandela Malakun

Ceaser, who is also National Armada Vice Chief, said PAS’ action encouraged hedonism.

“What we see as threats are ideologies that can divide and disunite us, and destroy this racial and religious harmony that we have cherished for generations,

“We have hosted such events before and there was never a problem. Sabahans are peace-loving people who won’t go out to protest just because someone says so,” he said in a statement.

He noted that music and songs have the universal power to unite people of all races and religions.
“As a universal language, music unites people across cultures and can comfort people in times of hardship. Music and songs are all around us.

“They provide powerful stories, inspiration, and joy in their messages. They can also be a force for change, serving as a voice for social advocacy and enhancing mutual understanding between different cultures.

“Sabahans appreciate the value of music and songs because these are closely part of every ethnic community in Sabah and we pass them down from generation to generation. And what unites us is that songs and music from one ethnic community are appreciated and enjoyed by others. This is one of the trademarks of Sabahans,” he said.

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