AirAsia vows to make its Super App up to par

KOTA KINABALU, 12 Sept 2022: AirAsia Super App will improve its services, said its Super App chief executive officer (CEO) Amanda Woo.

The Super App is the one-stop travel, e-commerce and fintech platform business of Capital A offering consumers over 15 lines of products and services via the Super App as well as the website.

Its application, however, is having many shortcomings from technical glitches and difficulties in communicating with their customer services among others.

“If you ask me, do we have the best in terms of technology today? Not yet… we built the app without any funding compared to other Super Apps out there.

“We do it based on what we have, based on the 21 years of data and assets that we have.

“If you look at AirAsia today, our organisation structure, we are only about 1,000 people, they are serving four main countries at the moment which are Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, and a little bit of Singapore.

“Thirty percent of our manpower, about 300 of them, are the ones who build the Super App that we are seeing today. To me, it is an incredible journey, we make use of what we have, while the airline was on pause in the last 24 months,” she said during the launching of the airasia ride debuts in Kota Kinabalu here.

Woo assured that the Super App would get better as they are now having three technology excellence centres in India, Vietnam and another one in Philippines.

“It is to make sure that we have an asean and asia experience on the asia best technology and talents that we can get to make sure our App is up to the standard and expectation of the people.”

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