More than 280 KB families learn sustainable farming

KOTA BELUD: Since 2016, there are more than 280 rural Kota Belud families from over 10 villages have participated in the Hopes Malaysia’s sustainable farming initiatives.

Through community farming workshops and efficient sustainable farming methods, the farmers have been able to grow diverse crops and rear fish as lasting food sources.

Families are able to consistently harvest an average of 5kg of fresh vegetables per cycle, selling extra in their communities for additional income.

Once only growing limited crops, farmers from the rural Kadamaian community have been able to naturally convert and expand their farmland into secure food sources as part of Hopes Malaysia’s sustainable farming initiatives.

The usage of sustainable farming techniques, such as vermicomposting fertiliser, natural pesticides and durable farm netting, have improved farming conditions and motivated farmers in the isolated villages to grow different types of nutritious vegetables.

Effective sustainable farming materials, skills and knowledge are essential for a successful farming journey.

Families have been able to achieve food self-sufficiency while reducing their food expenses, leading to long-term food security even during food crises.

“Sustainable farming has been proven to not only help rural families, but also the environment. Even while the country faces food shortages, farmers will always have a secure and cost-free food supply at home.” explains Hopes Malaysia’s Founder Sam Lee.

With Christmas and 2023 approaching, food demand and prices are expected to only increase, as with the unpredictable global environment.

“It is crucial now more than ever for Sabahans to start sustainable farming before food becomes more expensive”.

Aligned with the United Nations’ SDGs in this Decade of Action, Hopes Malaysia aims to equip more rural Sabah families to sustainably farm for their own food before 2022.

The CSO greatly needs your support and donations at the newly launched to help villagers in need.

For more details on Hopes Malaysia’s sustainable charity projects and CSR
partnerships, kindly email Aaron at or contact +60109072801.


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