China people are now on their own to deal with Covid

BEIJING: As the central government of China lifting most restrictions following the halting of three year-long zero-Covid-19 policy, people at the Republic are now on their own.

The authorities that used to enforce Covid controls have told their citizens to stop reporting their symptoms.

Without the continuation of testing, statistics no longer reflect the real situation of Covid cases, and the situation can only be estimated based on posting on social media.

According to The Economist, there are reports that some medical workers who have tested positive have been asked to come in anyway, risking more transmission within hospitals.

Though the daily number of vaccines given to the people has increased to over 1 million but only around 40 per cent of people over 80 have received the recommended three doses to reduce severe complications from Covid.

The report also stated that as people are mitigating spread of the disease, by imposing self-lockdown and avoiding public areas such as the shopping malls and streets.

With the lunar new year celebration falls next month, data from booking platforms have shown surge of searches for flights and train tickets to travel back their hometown.


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