Sabah Railway Services has about 1,500 daily passengers

KOTA KINABALU: The average train passengers now have reached 1,500 a day, said Sabah State Railway Department Director Leonard Stephen Poyong.

“This number increased from 500 passengers during the Covid-19 pandemic to 1,300 to 1,500 passengers a day.

“This increase is due to our efforts to use new and comfortable trains for passengers.

“Apart from that, we also try to ensure that the rate of travel disruption is minimized caused by machinery and track damage.

“Therefore, the JKNS also provides spare train heads and passenger carriages that are ready to be used in the event of machinery breakdowns that are stationed at several stations such as Tanjung Aru and Beaufort to replace damaged train carriages immediately.

“This is one of the methods used by JKNS to minimize disruption to train travel in this state,” he explained when he was a live guest at the Mangayau Ging Bubut Program with JKNS in conjunction with the World Radio Day Celebration at Tanjung Aru Railway Station, on Monday.

He added that the effort has succeeded in increasing the trust of the people around the 140 kilometer track starting from Sembulan Railway Station to Tenom who choose the service as public transport.

Also present, Chief Assistant Director of TV Engineering of the Department of Broadcasting Malaysia Sabah, Ts Cyril Simon- Sabah Information Department


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