Sabah State Government opens liaison office at 3 Towers Ampang

KUALA LUMPUR: Sabahans in Peninsular Malaysia can now feel a little closer to home with the opening of the Sabah Liaison Office or Pejabat Perhubungan Negeri Sabah (PPNS) Kuala Lumpur at 3 Towers in Jalan Ampang here.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Hajiji Haji Noor said PPNS KL would serve much like an embassy for Sabahans working and residing in Peninsular Malaysia.

“PPNS KL, a Sabah state government agency under the Chief Minister’s Department, also acts as the Sabah State Government intermediary for dealings with the Federal Government involving administration affairs,” he said at the official opening of the office at the nation’s capital today.

He said the administrative landscape of the state government had changed, hence the need for interaction between the governments such as on issues of migration, tourism, investment and diplomatic affairs, which necessitates the State Government to set up the Office.

Through PPNS KL, the Sabah state government can implement administrative policies in a more orderly and systematic manner, he said.

“I want the Sabah Liaison Office to ensure our investor-friendly approach succeed. In this respect, I want the Office to bolster its role as the bridge between the Sabah and Federal governments as well as with foreign embassies and private companies in the peninsular,” he said.

PPNS KL would also maximise governance management efficiency, an important factor in attracting more investors to come to Sabah, he said.

“I want the Office to also serve as an information centre with regard to tourism, culture
and investments,” he said.


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