Carlsberg returns to KK for another artful affair.

PENAMPANG: Carlsberg Smooth Draught returns to Kota Kinabalu with yet another artful affair to recognise and pay homage to the pride of Sabah’s heritage, traditions and natural wonders.

Held at J Borneo Native Village here on May 19, the brewery brand elevated this year’s launch event even further with a culture-rich affair filled with tattoo art featuring the Orangutan, the majestic Kinabalu mountains and Rafflesia of Sabah, as well as the Longhouse, Hornbill and Sape of Sarawak.

These six icons are proudly displayed on the ‘Raikan Kebanggaan Sabah & Sarawak’ special-edition cans and bottles.

Carlsberg Malaysia marketing director Olga Pulyaeva said the success of their 2022 Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s six special-edition cans had prompted them to come out with a unique design for 2023.

“Last year, Carlsberg Smooth Draught’s six special-edition cans were a big hit, so we stepped up our game to enhance the designs this year.

“Through the uniqueness and authenticity of tattoo art, we celebrate the culture and traditions of the locals, as well as the wonderful offerings of Bornean pride.

This campaign is aimed at bringing people together in appreciation and celebration of the vibrant art of the stunning Borneo islands with Carlsberg Smooth Draught special-edition cans, designed exclusively for Sabah and Sarawak.

“Being here, meeting both the famous Sabahan and Sarawakian tattoo artists in person and celebrating with everyone is truly a memorable experience for us.

“What better way to reciprocate the love and support from our Sabah and Sarawak consumers and make their drinking moments the best with Carlsberg,” she said at the launch..

In line with the objective of ‘designed by locals for locals’, Ernesto Kalum and Carlos Benny, the artists behind the Carlsberg Smooth Draught special-edition cans artwork, showcased live demonstrations of their craft while other guests were getting temporarily inked with their favourite icons.

In addition, an iconic bamboo bar that served Carlsberg Smooth Draught infused Tapai Bombs was spotted alongside tasty local delicacies and guests were awed by the colourful native dance performances.


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