Borneo Marathon medal design incorporate traditional motifs.

Established in 1984 as the Daily Express Sabah Marathon, the Borneo Marathon holds the distinction of being the first marathon ever held in Sabah.

This year, participants have the opportunity to embrace and appreciate the richness of Sabah’s ethnic heritage.

For the 2023 edition, its medal design draws inspiration from the Rungus community, hailing from the northern region of Sabah. These centuries-old motifs, commonly found on traditional clothing and accessories, continue to be worn during significant occasions.

The design of the medal is a culmination of various elements, centered around the disk shape, representing the iconic gong—a percussion instrument deeply rooted in the traditions of many ethnic communities in Sabah.

The gong holds immense cultural significance and is believed to bring fortune and strength to those who interact with it. By earning this special medal, runners become a part of this cherished heritage.

Embracing Tradition:

The incorporation of these traditional motifs and identities in the medal design is a testament to the Borneo Marathon’s commitment to preserving and promoting Sabah’s cultural heritage. I

It serves as a reminder of the region’s vibrant past, connecting present-day participants with the roots and legacy of the Rungus community and other ethnic groups in Sabah.


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