Marathon is a chance to know more about yourself, says Milton

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah elite runner Milton Amat finishes at fourth place for the for the 42-km category in the 2023 Borneo Marathon today.

The 41-year-old clocked 02:47:59, which was five minutes later than the first-place winner.

Milton is not a stranger in the running world especially for the trail races. A week ago, the farmer from Ranau won the Koboi Malaya Trail Classic 50 km with the time of 3 hours 56 minutes which was his 7th Asian Trail Master race victory.

In his Facebook page, Milton has described that trail running is a meditative approach to exercise.

“It offers the chance to get in tune with nature physically and spiritually. While marathon running is a chance to know about yourself.”

This year, the first place for male and female full marathon categories was won by Vietnamese runners VAN TUAN LE (#A7297) and Thi Duong Nguyen.

Le is a former SEA Games runner.

Below are the results of male and female full marathon category. The grand prize winners brought home RM1,200 each.

There were 2,075 full marathoners who completed the race. 2,063 half marathoners: and 2,321 ran for the 10 kilometres category.

In 2019, the race saw 11,000 participants.


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