Let our Sabah teachers be acknowledged

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart. They impart knowledge and skills, unlock the potential and nurture the mind of our future leaders.

We have heard many stories of aspiring teachers that sacrifice herself or himself to change the lives of students.

Instead of calling in school office for leave due to bad weather, some teachers brace through floodwaters just to reach school at rural areas on time to make sure pupils get to learn for the day.

credit- Steemit

A teacher, who is used to modern life in the city, goes extra miles to stay an isolated island so that schoolchildren will have equal education opportunity at other places.

Perhaps a teacher who bakes or brings food to school so that kids won’t be hungry while attending classes.

For students or parents, you may know someone that have greatly touched the hearts of those little ones.

Let’s not just keep that appreciation to ourselves. This year, McDonald’s Anugerah Guru Inspirasi returns in its fourth year to appreciate teachers that have gone the extra mile in nurturing our future leaders.

Click THIS and share your inspirational stories in Bahasa Malaysia, English or Mandarin.

Join us as we appreciate teachers that made a positive impact by nominating them before 30 March 2020!



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