Potholes along Kota Kinabalu-Tuaran road pose danger to motorists

Motorists travelling along Kota Kinabalu-Tuaran road are irked by the hazardous condition of the infrastructure.

Cars and motorcycles have to be wary with the potholes stretching from Berungis roundabout (Tuaran hospital) to Sepanggar traffic light.

Some of the potholes are as deep as 5-inch.

According to one of them, he has been enduring the “bumpy” ride since early of this year. It has been almost a year!!!

“The left side of the dual-way road is usually worse, perhaps because of the heavy-load lorries…”

It is learned that at the time that these pictures were taken on Dec 9, JKR contractors were seen doing the patching works.

Below is the video on motorists passing by the road. As a car tried to avoid the hole, it was almost hit by other vehicle from the back.


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