Ways to gold.

Gold has been around for longer than the first human being discovered about the element that date as far back as 40,000 b.c.

For centuries, it has been used as jewellery, currency as well as hedge against inflation.

But, do you know that there are various ways to buy gold? Of course there is a pro and con for each method.

Gold Price History

Method Pros Cons
Physical gold

You can keep gold and would be useful especially
in the event of emergency, war or disaster.
Higher rate difference between buy and sell (spread)

Risk of theft

Take time to liqudify into cash
Can buy minimum amout of gold, as low as RM1 from Google App (Hello Gold)

Physical gold can be redeemed at additional cost.

Transaction is available 23 hours per day.

Very fast to liquidify into cash
Higher rate difference between buy and sell (spread)
Paper gold (gold on document) Lower rate difference between buy and sell (spread) if compare to physical gold and fintech.

Lower cost to invest or buy gold

Gold can be purchased online during office hours
Minimum amount of gold is required for the purchased of gold
Exchange traded fund(ETF)Low cost to invest in gold as only have to pay for stamp duty and minimal transaction fee-easy of transaction.

Gold based ETF can be purchased online during office hours.
Investor has to have account with registered stock broking company

No option for redemption into physical gold
Comparison of pros and cons for gold-buying methods
Disclaimer: This is merely brief guidelines on gold investment methods. Readers are advised to have own discretion in using this information and always seek for further explanation from experts.


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