OYO Malaysia helps hoteliers adapt technology

KOTA KINABALU: From dense, luscious mountainous terrains to tropical islands, kilometres of coastline and some of the world’s best diving spots, Sabah is a destination like no other. 

The Pearl of Borneo’s natural beauty and rich culture have made the state a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. 

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious vacation by the coast or budgeted stay in the city, Sabah has got it all. This was reaffirmed when the state witnessed a 805.2% increase in international arrivals as soon as the border reopened in April. 

OYO helps digitalising hotels operation

To ensure that budget hotels in Sabah are able to meet the expectations of travellers who have been pouring in over the last three months, OYO Malaysia is working towards helping hoteliers adapt technologically. 

From automated front-desk operations for seamless guest check-in to user-friendly hotel management systems (HMS), OYO’s tech also enables hoteliers to monitor the progress of their operation and payment-related information all in one-place. 

Foreseeing the future of the travel and hospitality space to be heavily tech-driven, OYO Malaysia has been actively working on digitalising the budget hotel scene in Malaysia. 

For example, with the Co-OYO App, managing hotels has never been easier. More than that, hoteliers are now able to check their daily revenue, hotel bookings and occupancy seamlessly. 

Providing full-stack technology products and services, the brand looks to enhance the overall hospitality management experience for hotels in Sabah, so that they can achieve greater heights in terms of revenue and growth. 

“The opening of the borders, as well as the Hari Raya, and Kaamatan festivals have given budget hotels in East Malaysia a much-needed boost. 

“Yet, these occasions have heaped on a new challenge in terms of handling and catering to the evolved needs of tourists. 

“In order to ensure hotels are primed and ready to manage and capitalise on the influx of tourists, OYO Malaysia is committed to preparing budget hotels to be technologically adept, “said Tan Ming Luk, OYO’s Country Head for Malaysia and Singapore.

Sabah hotelier sees 83 per cent jump occupancy

Jason Ng, Hotelier OYO 564 Y Hotel (MY_KKB019), in Sabah, is only too familiar with the struggle of adapting one’s business technologically to meet travellers expectations in this new normal. In partnering with OYO, the hotel’s occupancy has increased to 83 per cent  in a mere 6 months. 

“During the pandemic, it was no surprise that the hospitality industry was greatly impacted with almost 125 hotels being shut down. 

“We were one of the many struggling to survive and we managed to pivot our operations, thus streamlining our revenue. 

“Through OYO’s dynamic pricing model, we were able to strategise and get back on track,” said Jason, OYO 564 Y Hotel (MY_KKB019)

With OYO Malaysia in the picture, Hotel OYO 564 Y Hotel (MY_KKB019) was able to improve their business operations, achieving exceptional customer satisfaction, evident from the OYO App rating of 4.5. 


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