Korean celebrities’ tips to lose weight during MCO

There we go again to stay at home to fight the battle against third wave of Covid-19 infections in Sabah. For some of us, we will be tempted to eat more than usual, or indulge in various food when it comes to takeaways from Grab, Food Panda and other mobile application.

For some of us in Borneo Echo, we did gain weight and shedding those excess fat is definitely harder and taking longer time, too. It is indeed unfair, right?

Below are the options for us to try in losing weight like celebrities.

Time limit diet

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Making sure you are not eating anything after 6pm. Your next meal will be your breakfast. In order to make it a success and less torturing, it is advisable to fill up the tummy with whole meal food and go to bed by 8pm.

This is similar to intermittent fasting method, which people go fasting for 12 hours, 16 hours, 18 hours or more. During the phase, the body will become ketosis which the fat is being burned instead of carbs .

Going fasting (with proper hydration, not sweetened drinks) is also shown to boost immune health, better regulated glucose level and people are more alert.

1,500 kcal diet

Counting calories intake. There are many apps that could help you quantify and qualify the food that you eat during breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as in between.

You will be shocked to see how the combination of a plate of nasi lemak and teh tarik could exceed your total daily calories quota. Any bubble milk tea lover here? you might want to skip your lunch and dinner after having a glass of them.

Cut sugar, oily, processed and portions of the food. Slowly but surely, you will be able to achieve your desire weight.

Small but frequent meal

If you have that desire to eat every now and then. Do it!!! But in smaller portion than you usually have. Some Korean artistes also using paper cup as their measurement for food intake.

Of course, frequent does not mean you have to do it every minute. Space it between two hours at least? Keep yourself busy so that you could reduce the frequency of having small portion of food.

Drink a glass of water before eating

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Having something gulp down the throat will send signal to the brain that a portion of “food” has entered the digestive system thus the desire to eat more is lower.

Again, some might say that they are hardly feeling full before finishing the meal on the plate. If you notice, slow eater tends to eat less as the nervous system is able to “inform” the gut that the body has enough.

Denmark diet

It is basically high-protein diet method which emphasises on the intake of boiled eggs and steamed meat.

Such diet, which is similar to keto-diet, atkins diet, is having the same effect of “intermittent fasting” which turns body into ketosis state that burns fat.

Moderation applies to all. Just because high-protein is helpful in losing weight, be mindful that it could also cause other illnesses if taken in excess.

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Replace rice with other plants

Some Asian celebrities are replacing rice with plants such as, oats, quinoa, sweet potatoes and cauliflowers.

Cauliflowers, when minced and stir fried, will give the similar texture of rice. Perhaps such selection can be tolerated easier as compared to other alternatives.

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If you are able to discipline yourself with diet plan, you are already 80 per cent successful in losing weight. Because in reality, exercise only accounts 20 per cent of the efforts.

Borneo Echo wishes everyone a successful and happy journey in losing, or at least maintaining your weight for better health during this scary pandemic.

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